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Our Influencers are at the core to what we do. Social media is a very powerful tool and many companies around the world are understanding the value of social for their brands and campaigns.

We are always looking to grow our team of International Influencers to cater to the needs of our clients and be able to provide the best content for world-wide digital campaigns.



Audi, L'Oreal, Bell, Visa, Calvin Klein, PVH, Skechers, Ballmain Royal Bank, Nespresso, Johnnie Walker, Banish, Goorin Bros, Triangl, Mintycoco, Boracay Skin, Hairburst, The Peace Collective, La Senza, Hollywood Smile, Young & Bay, Surania, NKD SKN, Beach body boutique, Exckusive-ID, Lvst Bunny, Gigi the label, XAV the label, She Flirts, Kinis Swimwear, Sweet Blood Appararel, Ava Emery, No Name Saint, Adctiv, HiSmile, Zaful, Popcherry, Chase & Hunter co, Greatness within, Moose Knuckles, Stronger, B X Runaway, Chonies, Blck, Loving Tan, Young Muse, 528 Collective, Dawn of Summer, Rose, Retroceso City Sunglasses, Off the Chain by Jesse, Daniel Wellington, Jord Watches, Young and Bay, 528 and Co, PSD Underwear, Single Underwear, HiSmile, Hollywoodsmile, Mooseknuckles, Bandit Coffee, No Name Saint.



We value the experience and knowledge that each Influencer brings to Casa Blanca, at the same time we are always coaching and equipping each member with new tools to grow their network.

We believe in the power of investing in order to grow, elements such as photoshoot editing, photography, video editing, public speaking, brand presentation and digital marketing are some of the ones that we share with our Influencers.

We also guide our Influencers on new trends and approaches to the social world, so that more engagement is achieved on all of their platforms and campaigns.



We provide our Influencers with great perks,

  • Discount codes for over 60 popular brands from all over the world.
  • Access to exclusive fashion releases
  • VIP upgrade access to concert and festivals
  • VIP Access to Fashion Shows world-wide
  • Access to Film festivals & Award events
  • Access to Restaurant and Boutique launches

     + Many more


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