We have recently joined the IMG umbrella currently transitioning into ENDEAVOR, IMG is now a global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, operating in more than 30 countries. The company represents and manages some of the world’s greatest sports figures and fashion icons; stages hundreds of live events and branded entertainment experiences annually; and is one of the largest independent producers and distributors of entertainment media. IMG also specializes in sports training; league development; and marketing, media and licensing for brands, sports organizations and collegiate institutions.

Casa Blanca joining the IMG family will allow for new opportunities to be presented to our talent and international influencers, this also comes with variances on agreements between the talent and Casa Blanca Network. While we grow as a company & provide our talent with greater exposure, we also demand more commitment and creative investment from all parties.


The following is a digital agreement between the talent & Casa Blanca Network. This agreement will indicate guidelines that each talent member will follow in order to maintain Casa Blanca & IMG's standards.


Name *
From this moment on you will be addressed as " The talent ". *
As we continue to expand internationally, we protect the relations that we have with past, current and future clients. For this reason we are very careful with the content shared and showcased by our talent on social media. For this reason we demand that our talent does not feature, snap, take pictures, takes videos or promote on social media, the following elements; guns, drugs, fights, violence, nudity, religion or political propaganda. *
While working with Casa Blanca Network, the talent is open to working with modeling agencies & management groups. Casa Blanca Should be informed if the talent joins a new agency or a management group after signing this agreement. *
While working with Casa Blanca Network, the talent should not relay only on opportunities or campaigns provided by the network as the only source of income, we always encourage our talent to have various sources of income. We do not promise our talents an X amount of opportunities & campaigns. *
In order for Casa Blanca Network to be able to provide greater opportunities and campaigns to our talent, it is important to us that we are able to share all the social content created by the talent and promote it world wide, we always keep the highest standards of quality when showcasing or promoting our talent's image and brand. *
In order to facilitate the network following your social content & growth support, we demand that the talent tags Casa Blanca on all Instagram social posts as ( @casablancanetwork ), this should be done regardless if its a brand or product promotion. *
When traveling abroad or to another city, we require for the talent to update their corresponding manager, so that potential campaigns or opportunities can be organized or planned in the city of arrival. *
I confirm that all of the information provided on this agreement & all of the answers selected are truthful. I will follow all of the Casa Blanca Network & IMG guidelines. I understand that failure to following all of the guidelines will result in the termination of management between Casa blanca, IMG & the talent. *